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Hi Zumba® Wear Fan! 

Our authorized Zumba® Wear Resellers and Distributors can offer you personalized customer service and product knowledge that you will not find online. 

In case you are planning on hosting a Zumba® Event or Master Class and would like to offer Zumba® Wear to your attendees, we highly suggest you connect with your local Zumba® Wear Reseller or Distributor, who are a great resource to help you pop up a Zumba® Wear Shop at your event, to create a unique and engaging experience to all your event attendees that will be unforgettable! 

Below you will find the contact information for our authorized Zumba® Wear Resellers and Distributors in your area:



Contact a Zumba® Wear Reseller in your area. 


EU Reseller Directory
Country Reseller City Phone E-mail
UK Kerry Southwick DA14LB Crayford - Kent 0044 7825588575 Contact mail
UK Sarah-Jayne Yallop NR8 6EE Norfolk                    0044 7789 561244 Contact mail
UK Nikolett Forgacs               BS5 8SN Bristol                                                                                 Contact mail
UK Gillian Veldhoven ML6 6GG Airdrie   Contact mail



If you are interested in starting a business reselling Zumba® Wear, apply now by filling out the application form here.